Why Choose Us?

Custom Lengths Specific to Your Job

Better Header provides custom size beam fabrication services making installation easier than ever.

Phone Support Beam Calculations

Need help selecting the proper support application for your project? Give Better Header a call with information regarding what the beam will be holding and we may be able to further assist you!

Our Fully-Recessed Bolt Pattern

Our Better Header Flitch nut and fully recessed bolt pattern makes hanging floor joist and ceiling rafters a breeze, leaving behind any need for additional furring and or trimming in the field.

Fastest Lead Times - Guaranteed

Better Header stocks a large variety of steel and lumber to make sure that customers get their order completed and delivered within a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Better Header deliver?

Yes, Better Header delivers all throughout the Tri-state area. Better Header will also deliver to your customers job sight if needed, as long as there is the proper equipment and/or man power to remove the material from our flat bed truck.

Does Better Header offer other fabrication services?

Yes, here at Better Header we have a certified welding crew that can fabricate custom hangers, columns, base plates, etc. Please call 631.242.1975 to inquire more information about possible on-site services as well. 

Does Better Header install?

No, although we offer a variety of recommendations, Better Header does not provide installation at this time.

What are Standard Lead times?

Lead times vary depending on the service requested and your location. Long Island/New York is typically 2-3 business days and 3-5 business days for the remainder of the tristate area.