Allowable Floor Loads

Allowable Load Reference Tables
for Better Header® Beam Selection

  1. Beam spans are defined as follows:
    Simple span dimensions are measured from the inside face of the support and Multiple span dimensions are measured from the inside of the face of your exterior support to the center line of the interior support.
  2. These tables for simple spans (with support at each end) or for continuous (multiple span) beams with equal spans carrying uniform loads.
  3. A 4" minimum length length and full beam width bearing is required at end supports, while a 6" minimum length and full beam width bearing is required at interior supports where there is a continuous beam (multiple span).
  4. A Qualified Design Professional shall determine the size of all columns to support the selected beam. All Better Header Steel W-Shape Steel Beams require steel lally columns.
  5. Live load deflection limits are L/360 and L/240.
  6. Total load deflection limit is L/180.

  7.  There is no live load reduction considered in developing             these tables.
   8.  These tables are designed for professionals
        with structural analysis experience for 
        loads during typical housing construction.
        They do not account for unusual such as 
        ceramic tile floors and heavy point loads.
   9.  The tables shown are to be used as
        general guidelines for beam selection and
        should be used under the supervision of a
        qualified design professional. Better
        Header® can not be held responsible for 
        any circumstances. Please contact us
        should you need verification or have 
        questions about table usage.
   10. All beam tables are based on laterally
         braced conditions and it should be the 
         the responsibility of a qualified design 
         professional to assure that such lateral 
         bracing is provided on your project.

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